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Rolling Mill Parts


The Flexible type Gear Couplings are accommodates misalignment between two shafts and dampen vibration as the cause of that brake down will be reduced of mill & bearings. These Gear Couplings are consist two flagged type sleeves with internal cut out teeth, two outside toothed hubs with side cover and one set of nuts – bolts. The internal Hubs are of hardened forged material and outer sleeves are EN – 9 material. The teeth are tempered in well treatment system. The Lubrication holes are well machined and oil seals are provided. The single tube sleeves type gear coupling & heavy duty non standards coupling are also available.


The universal couplings with universal spindle are used in bearing type rolling mill. These are install in between two mill stands used for couple both stand’s rolls to run the mill drive one to another. The universal coupling is of forged material fully machined & spindle is machined En-8 material.


The Guiding equipments are usually used in Wire rod & TMT rolling mill plants. These Guide roller Boxes are of Stainless Steel Material fully machined accurately with central Parallel adjustment with help of steel bolting of rolls made up of High Chromium steel. The guide roller boxes are installed in front of rolling rolls with help of holder. A wide range of Guide Roller Boxes are available. The Twisted Pipes and spares of these boxes are available.


The Rotary shears are used in cutting hot rolling front ends and tail end. These shears are also used to cut the bars into desired length before the cooling bed. These Shears are automatically started / stop type. These Shears are controlled through PLC System. Very close tolerance of the cut length. Generally these Shears are used to trim Hot Rolled Bars considerably at lower speed. The Pinch rolls are mainly used to push the hot rolled to the another train. The pinch rolls will be installed between two rolling mill drives and in between two opposite install shears.


C.I. cast motor pulleys & counter pulleys duly machined fully finished. Available in various types of Section & No. of groves complete with Forged Steel EN-8 machines shafts with Heavy Duty Plumber blocks with anti friction spherical roller bearings


The Section Straightening Machines are used to Straighten Rolled Steel Sections like Angle, Channels, Rounds, Beams etc. Straightening Rolls are made according to section from Adamite material. The company has supplied these machines to various reputed concern. Straightening machine made up of steel fabricated M. S. plates of amply thickness with outer lining of same plates to strengthen the body will carry gears of En –19 steel to run the rolls. The machine will contain sufficient rolls of Adamite containing anti friction roller bearings.


The Heavy duty Mill stands are built of Steel Caster / Steel Fabricated / C.I. Caster properly machined and fitted. Theses mill stands available in fiber bearing and antifriction bearing type complete with pressure bolt and bars.